See everything that is being said about you online and make smarter business decisions.

Lamplight analyzes billions of online conversations to give businesses brighter insights.

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A social media analytics platform for Asia

More than half of all active social media users live in Asia, home to the world’s largest and most engaged social media audience. It is the most dynamic and complex place to do business today, requiring a level of cultural and linguistic fluency that not all businesses have.

Lamplight was built to account for the diversity of the region, cutting through the noise to illuminate the conversations that matter most for businesses.

Crisis Management

Regain control during times of crisis and monitor the conversation over time.

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Marketing/PR Effectiveness

Measure the impact your marketing has on your audience as it happens.

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Market Research

Get authentic information about your customers to serve them more effectively.

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Reputation Monitoring

Understand how people view you, and how you are being mentioned.

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Competitor Benchmarking

Measure your performance against competitors for more strategic decisions.

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Influencer Identification

Identify influencers and understand how they shape online conversation.

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An intuitive dashboard, powered by intelligent search

Lamplight’s dashboard is fully customisable and simple to use. It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and in minutes you can access authentic and accurate insights, accessible from any device. See where in the world conversations are happening, and what is being said across more than 20 million sources.

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An Intuitive Dashboard

Get a quick overview of the data that matters whenever you sign in.

Powerful, Intelligent Search

Get real-time insights from 20+ million online sources, 24/7.

Flexible and Customisable

Choose the sources that are the most relevant for your analytics needs.

Unparalleled Authenticity

Get the most accurate analysis using advanced language capabilities.

Real-Time and Always-on

Get instant access to conversations as they unfold across the globe

Any Device, Anywhere

Use Lamplight across devices, so your data is never out of reach.

Companies that use us

Dairy FarmLane Crawford42 WestKPMGLive NationLiberty AsiaClockenFlapPrima TasteLauren RichardsHelpers ChoiceStyle In AsiaWest Kowloon

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