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From celebrities to micro-influencers Lamplight ranks all the influencers talking about what matters to you, not just people who’ve signed up for our platform.
Forget about tracking how many mentions you’ve used or worrying about paying commission on your influencer engagements. We have a simple flat fee of $50 a month. That's it.
Set up influencer searches in no time with our easy-to-use wizard. Our clean and simple dashboard tells you everything you need to know about your influencers in a glance.
Startups. Megabrands. Agencies. Lamplight is designed to work for any brand worldwide.

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Who should use Lamplight Influencer?

Agencies Agencies

The days of agencies competing for the same group of celebrity endorsers are over. Your clients' brands need meaningful relationships with groups of KOLs, often in multiple geographies. Lamplight is here to help. We will find the people talking about your clients and show you exactly how influential they are with their peers.

With a flat fee of $50 per month you can use our insights in campaigns of any size or even in pitches and market tests.

Fashion and Beauty Fashion & Beauty

Style has been democratized. The traditional trendsetters in industry and media still hold great sway of course but online opinion leaders now have audiences numbered in the millions and have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to make or break a product line.

Lamplight helps you identify fashion’s best online influencers, from YouTube stars to up-and-coming micro-influencers. These individuals hold deeper connections with a more localized, niche audience and are often eager to partner with brands.

Entertainment Entertainment

Arts & entertainment marketers have long understood the importance of word of mouth. Today's social media landscape amplifies its importance and makes engagement with those setting the tone of conversation about a particular property even more important.

Lamplight finds who is influencing the conversation about your latest release, talent or other hot topic and quantifies their importance.

Travel Travel

Digital has changed the travel industry utterly and now social is doing the same. Millenials will often use social opinion leaders to decide where to travel, how to travel and what activities to undertake when they get there.

Being able to find these influencers and measure their relative importance to your brand allows you to target your outreach for maximum impact.

Food and Drink Food & Drink

The camera eats first and everyone's a critic. Social media has created a revolution in dining and encouraged F&B brand managers to be meticulous about the customer experience. But how to ensure that experience gets the maximum exposure?

Lamplight finds the digital influencers who will generate buzz for your outlets and secure bookings. With our affordable price of just $50 a month our technology is leveraged by single-location independents, multinational chains and everything in between.

Everybody Else Everybody Else

The organizations using Lamplight are as varied as the people using social media. From political leaders to non-profits, startups to consulting giants - our proprietary technology allows people to find and engage with those who can change opinions.

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We have been impressed with how easy it is to set-up Lamplight searches, and how quickly we are able to see results. The Lamplight tool has helped us to improve the planning and targeting of our marketing efforts. It has also been valuable in reviewing the reaction to communications about the festival.
Lois Wan Lois Wan Marketing Manager, Clockenflap (Hong Kong’s Biggest Music & Arts Festival)
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